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Fertility Issues After NuvaRing

Has anyone had issues trying to get pregnant or with their fertility/ovulation/cycles after using the Nuvaring? Were you able to eventually conceive? How long did it take? Did your fertility come back naturally or did you need doctor intervention?

I was on the Nuvaring for about 2.5 years. I took it out every three weeks to allow myself to menstruate per its instructions. My husband and I got married in June (husbands 31, I'm 29). We decided to start ttc in August and stopped using the ring.

My first month off the ring my cycle was 26 days. The next month my cycle was 30 days. This month I am on day 37 of my cycle and af is nowhere in site. Prior to Nuvaring I has a very regular 28-30 day cycle. I've never been irregular and I have a very strong suspicion I am no longer ovulating. I am definitely not pregnant (had blood test and urine test done a few days ago).

From what I read online Nuvaring can cause a lot of problems with your cycle and fertility after stopping but all the threads are old (I was never warned of this side effect). I have been on the pill off and on for over a decade and never had any issues. I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing after stopping NuvaRing. The earliest I can get in to see my GYN is mid-December so I have to wait until then to have everything checked out. I am very sad and scared. We want a family so bad and now I am afraid we might not be able to.

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