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I am exactly 4 weeks pregnant today and I got my BFP+ test 13 days past ovulation!! (dpo) Implantation may have occured on 9dpo, but the hcG is only strong enough to be detected 3-4 days after implantatiin. Still, that is is using a first response sensitive preg test. Using an ovulation predictor kit truly helped me finally pick up the lh surge to with leads to ovulation 12-36 hours later. Definitely understand cervical mucus to give you a better estimate of the time of your ovulation.

My symptoms: weird belly cramps below belly button, lower adnominal cramps, lower back cramps, increased sense of smell, frequent use of restroom, constipation, little acne, exhaustion as if I ran a marathon, and slightly larger breasts but "Not sore breasts".

New Mommy!

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