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Trying for two years

4 tests can't be wrong can they??? image


  • I wouldn't have thought so!!! I think they say they are like 99% accurate! xx

  • I just can't believe it from what seems tonof been such a long hard journey! ❤️ X

  • So so happy for you. Sounds like you more than deserve this amazing news! Enjoy!! 👶🏼👌💙💗

  • Congratulations!! 

  • Thanks you so much! im still in shock! ive wanted this for so long! I went to the doctors yesterday and they have taken wee sample and sent it off to the labs! I get the results tomorrow! i will have a high dependency pregnancy because I was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst not to long back! It just means I should get extra scans! ❤️ Xx

  • Thanks!! I really can't believe it! ..

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