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Milky white discharge and cramps 1 day after missed period

i just missed my period 1-2 days ago however I'm having period like cramps both in my lower back and pelvis area. The cramps are the type of cramps that you wouldnt experience maybe until your 2nd or 3rd day in your period. I swear it just feels like my period will start any moment now but so far, still no period. Instead I've been have milky white discharge that I've been having for 3 weeks now. I did have unprotected sex around ovulation time and although I've missed my period and all, I still don't know if I'm really pregnant because these cramps are throwing me off. I also haven't had any pregnancy symptoms yet. If I am pregnant, is any of this normal & when should I test to prevent a false negative result?


  • Hi, I keep getting cramps and backache and I'm 5 days late. I've tested today and it's come back positive which is a bit of a shock!! I would recommend waiting a few more days then getting the clearblue test that tells you the number of weeks

    Fingers crossed for you image

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