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Has anyone lowered their testosterone to conceive?

Ive been trying to conceive for a long time in total now with no success. i have pcos but have regular cycles. My bbt suggests I'm ovulating but my GP thinks that I'm not due to elevated testosterone levels. (He thinks because all my other levels are normal I'm basically getting a 'fake' ovulation. Il be seeing a fertility specalist in the new year to get a second opinion but sounds like it could be likely) I've had further tests and its my 17alphadroxyprogesterone & androstenedione levels levels are very high. My GP said there was no way of reducing these and IVF is likely the only way I can conceive. Ive spent some time researching and their are some supplements that can potentially reduce testosterone so I'm going to give them a go over the next few months.

My question is has anyone else had this problem? Have they managed to lower their levels? And has anyone managed to conceive with this problem?

Hoping someone can give me some hope! Thanks! 

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