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Cassanovum Orginal & Cassava Root

Hi everyone, 

This is my first time posting on here  I'll give a little background before my question. 

I am 23 and my partner is 26. We have been trying to conceive for 11 months and this cycle will be my 12th so as you can imagine I am getting so impatient and frustrated. 

I have been reading into Cassava Root and supplements regardingn Cassava. 

I have ordered the Cassanovum Orignal 60 tablets (2 a day) and I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried this and had any luck? 

Your comments will be greatly appreciated 🙂 


  • Hi,

    sorry to hear you have not fallen pregnant yet keep positive i am sure you will when the time is right!

    I had my son who is 7 the first month of trying however we have been trying for a second child now for 3 years to no avail frustrated is an understatement. I read about Cassava Root and I started taking this along with Dong Quai and Macca Route in October and to my surprise I feel pregnant on that cycle.  unfortunately  I miscarried but I am positive it has helped to balance my hormones and that it will happen again soon.  I read taking these together has added benefits.......good luck let me know you get on! X

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