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Endometriosis and pregnancy


I gave birth to my little girl in November via csection and when I was being stiched up the surgeon told me I had stage 4 endometriosis and said it can be hard for ladies to get pregnant, stage 4 apparenrly is 1% (thankfully we got pregnant the first time without contraception) but this has made me worry that  we will find it harder to get pregnant next time around when we are ready to start trying. I was wondering if anyone has this same problem? 


  • Your Endometriosis is due to Inflammation in your body

    This Inflammation is probably caused by your diet and lifestyle - that is, the food that you eat and the stress in your life.

    One of the major causes of Inflammation comes from your Omega-6/3 Ratio being too high:

    - too much Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3

    Here are my suggestions for things that you can try:

    Keep a Food Diary for 30 days

    Have at least 2 grams of Omega-3 every day, whether from fresh salmon or high strength natural Omega-3 fish oil.  Add walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds as you can

    Reduce the amount of Omega-6, which mostly comes from cheap cooking oils like Sunflower oil, Corn oil and oils from Soya beans.  This Omega-6 comes from most of the meat that we eat, since it is in the animal's feed-stuff

    Your doctor will probably not understand much of this, so consider taking a private consultation with a Nutritional Therapist from  Search their website for a Therapist near you.  I suggest that you choose 10, and email them and ask them if they are knowledgeable about Endometriosis.  Then phone the best 5 and have a long chat about their capability and see how you relate to them.  Then meet with 2 of them and work with the best one.

    Search online for more information about the Omega-6/3 Ratio

    Hope that this helps you - and others




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