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TTC but on the pill because Irregular periods

Hello Ive started Birth Control for 2 months now to regulate my period, because me an my husband thought that it would help TTC because we've heard that it has helped other people. But I'm completely lost any hope anybody can give any advice? Please, it's been kind of hard for us to conceive because of the whole irregular period deal. Thank you!


  • Ur best bet is to track ur cycles. Do ovulation predictor kits (opk). Being on birth control will not help you if your trying to concieve birth control does the opposite. The only reason people get regular on birth control pills is because of the hormones in it. Some have regular because they take it then miss upto a week of them so they get a "period". If your trying to concieve go and have a pre conception appointment and get the information that you need to start planning. 1 of those things would be to stop birth control. As ur cycle will take a while to get back to normal from the hormones. 

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