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Am I pregnant???!??

i need advice. 

im 18 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 6 months. I have been feeling really odd recently. i keep getting strong cramps in my belly and this has been happening for over two months. i have completely lost my aprtite  as well as having regular headache back ache and tender breasts. I haven't had a regular period for over 3 months. they are really irregular and very very    Light and will last for 2 days max. Anyway I took a clear blue digital test and it came up aS not pregnant but it had 2-33+ underneath, I took a cheapy one and it came out positive but the second line was very faint and faded after 5 or so minutes. I took another and it was negative. My mum said to do one in the morning because with all of us kids hers were very faint.... what do you think??  Am I???? Xxxxxxx


  • If you believe the test was faint then retest with your first wee of the day using a First Response test and this should give you your answer.

    Seeing as it's very faint and digital is negative you wouldn't be far along if you were so the light period and other symptoms you've been experiencing over the last few months may be worth seeing your GP about as could be something going on.

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