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faint preg test, am I pregnant?????

Okay so I had spotting 5 days before my period was ment to start lasted a couple days and wasn't heavy at all. Did a pregnancy test came back with faint line and did another one and was negative  Today is about 2 weeks since I got spotting.  I did a test today on a first response and came back with a really faint line. Had this happens to anyone else and they've been pregnant??? 


  • Hi Laura, my first test had quite a faint line so it can happen! Have you got a picture? Have you taken another test at all? 

  • Hi I been trying to get preg we fell preg may and lost baby now I get faint positive test on clear blue early ones and phymacy ones help plz driveing me mad as done clear blue digital and said not preg!! 

    Iv had 2 boys but 8 years ago! 

  • Id say you have faint positives, how late is your period? Could it be too early to test?? 

  • Hiya, 

    My period is one day late, I’ve done two tests (photo attached) and I see faint lines, what do you ladies think?

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