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Struggling to conceive

Ive been ttc for 2.5years now with two miscarriages one at 3 months and one at 6 weeks. I've had my blood tests checked, internal scans and tubes checked. My husband has also been checked and everything has come back fine for the both of us. I use opks and it shows I ovulate monthly and obviously me and the husband BD however still no positive result. I'm taking all vitamins and it has been almost year since my last miscarriage. My cycles are really long like 32-36 days which is frustrating as I always hope I'm going to see a BFP. Feeling really sad and frustrated as everybody around me is pregnant and people keep looking at me with pity.  Is this a case of unexplained fertility? My doctors said they will try clomid on me next although unsure how this will help if i already ovulate. Really struggling with my emotions as I'm scared I will never get pregnang and really want a child. Any advice will be great thanks.


  • Right missy. U don't have fertility problems. I can tell u this because uve already fallen pregnant twice ok xxx ur tests have come back ok. It will happen when u stop stressing about it xxxx

  • I was the same I was trying for 18months and 2 mc and in the end we decided not to try got rid of all the opk and just had fun and got on with our daily routine going to work ect then that month we didnt try for a baby we conceived and I'm due in just over 9 weeks so susiegirlygirl is right just relax because ttc is a heart breaking experience when it doesn't happen each month and can put a lot of strain on a relationship it will happen 😊 Hope this helped xx

  • Hello!

    Please give me advice on how to stop trying! It's been a year since I came off the pill and each month I'm dying that little bit more inside.

    I started off with OPKs and BBT and charting everything, but realised I was becoming obsessed so I stopped.

    But I'm still aware of the general time of the month when I'm likely to ovulate and we have loads of sex then. Still no luck. I'm thinking about it almost all the time and trying to remain stress-free and natural. How can you tell yourself to stop thinking about it?

    Any advice?

  • Hi ALL,

    We have been TTC for a year now and I never been pregnant.

    My husband went through the check and all they found is antibodies against sperm, but they say you still should be able to conceive .

    My blood tests are fine and I am going to have tubes checked in 2 weeks.

    Anyone had the same experience.?

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