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Successful pregnancy after recurrent miscarriages

Forget the 2ww - no one seems to mention the 12 week (well 8) between finding out your pregnant & the scan...

bit of my background - i am 31, been trying for 18+ months... have had 2 devastating miscarriages & struggling to deal with them - all my test came back normal. Such a difficult decision to try again, not sure I can go through it all again 😢

Well, we made the decision & found out last week that i am pregnant once again (praying with all my heart this is 3rd time lucky) Being just 5 weeks I am trying to not expect the worst but looking at history how can I not!?!?

Anyone got any help on how to relax. I am eating as well as poss, resting, drinking lots of water. no morning sickness which worries me as last 2 I never had strong signs & looking how they ended! I do have tummy ache here & there - is this normal or worrying? Nothing crippling, just like period pain I suppose?

8 weeks before a scan is driving me insane & I know it's only a drop in the ocean to 9 months!! Heaven knows how I will cope but hope it lasts. I will take any bad symptoms. Can't stand women moaning who haven't had to fight for a family.

anyone out there who have since gone on to full term following miscarriages or helpful advice would  be so gratefully appreciated at such a worrying time. X


  • Congratulations on the pregnancy! I too have had 2 miscarriages, but I've now gone on to have a successful pregnancy.. My baby girl is due in 22 days! The 12 week wait is the longest thing ever!! I didn't have much symptoms at 5 weeks, I started getting  morning sickness about 6/7 weeks and its never left!! Just try not to over work yourself.. When I found out I was pregnant again I became a couch potato pretty much haha! 3rd time lucky!! Just stay positive and calm.. Happier you are the happier the baby! Good luck xx

  • Hey Jazziiey

    First of all a massive congratulations on your pregnancy! It's such great news to hear it can be possible after such tragedies! You have given me hope & want to thank you so much for your reply.

    Sorry to hear you'v suffered morning sickness throughout.... I hate being / feeling sick so much but if it's a good sign I want it soooo bad!!

    Can you remember if you had tummy ache early on? Sorry for TMI but feels like I need a no.2 - but don't & then it slowly goes away on it's own. I am physically bloated but not overly gassy? It's not every day (although happened yesterday & today) not really strong but worry it'a bad sign? obviously once you've had a miscarriage (and don't know what a healthy pregnancy feels like) I am on edge with any feeling... i'v never really suffered from period pain & both my early miscarriages were only mild cramps - no cramps until long into miscarrying naturally.

    Only other symptoms iv had this time are slightly tender boobs, were much more tender on first pregnancy. Lower back ache though not today & shoulders/neckache (again not today).

    i am trying my best not to dwell on the past or over think - just scared to be happy. I don't want it taken from me again. I love that I am pregnant even if it's too early. I am dying to know if everything is going ok, but know it can't be rushed & need to be patient (impossible!) but trying.

    Were you given anything to help the pregnancy 'stick'?? 

    Thanks again xx

  • I think feeling bloated and gassy, like you need a no.2 is normal because your body isn't used to this little bubble growing inside you, I still feel it now! The little pains are normal as long as no bleeding is happening! The pains will more than likely be because you're growing so your uterus is growing! :) if you're really concerned go to your gp and ask for a referral for a early scan just to put your mind at ease :) I didnt get given anything to make this one stick because they only 'interfere' if I have had 3 miscarriages which is ridiculous! Hope this one sticks for you, please keep me updated :) xx

  • Thanks so much for your reassuring words. I was only uncomfirtably gassy last pregnancy around days 26-32 (before the BFP!) this time I get tummy ache daily. Noticed last 3 days it's late morning. I drink lots of water as heard this can help - tummy ache can be a sign of dehydration... so guessing it can't hurt!

    I luckily have an early scan booked in 2 weeks 21st Feb (if I get to that far i will be 7 weeks & 2 days). I know they usually don't offer them as they can add anxiety. I am just sooo scared! Trying to trick myself into thinking positive & being as happy as poss!! Avoiding any stress (which seems impossible, esp when tummy starts aching)

    i know there is nothing I can do than to wait & be patient. Time will tell... it's just so hard. Hours feel like days! Keep counting calendar, yep it's still Wednesday, still in week 5. Dying to be at week 7 so not far off scan. Know things can't be rushed. If i could go to bed & wake up 8 months later in labour pain I would! I just want to know everything is going to be ok & that i will be a mum...

    I can't thank you enough for your words of wisdom. sending lots of love to you & your bump!

  • That's good you've got early scan booked, will be some reassurance for you :) let me know how you get on, I'm sure everything is fine.. Just remember every pregnancy is different! :) you're more than welcome, sending lots of love to you and your bump too. Feel free to message me anytime you need a chat :) x

  • Hi Jazziiey,

    Just wondering how you're getting on?

    Since we last spoke I have seen a beautiful heart beat at 7+3 days and again on Wednesday at 8+4 days. I started to worry sickness died down the day before my last scan but everything seemed fine, measuring 21mm! 😍

    Since Weds, I have suffered a terrible migraine (yesterday) banging head & throwing up. I woke up this morning with boobs not feeling tender anymore?! As tenderness stopped with both miscarriages, I am trying not to panic!!

    Looking for any reassurance - if symptoms can clear up days before 9 weeks or is this too early to be good news?

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