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Painful sex (sometimes)

After being single for way too long (I'm 30 now), I've finally met Mr. Right. We both adore babies so it didn't take us long to start doing things you normally do in bed with your partner :-)

The problem is: sometimes penetration is painful. Sometimes. Not always. It's kinda "ouch!" when he enters, but then it's over. And I don't know why. Might this be related to my cycle?

My first time was VERY painful and I also lost some blood, which is - according to my friends - pretty normal since I've never used tampons or had an internal examination before (gyn refused to do that because I was still a virgin). The second time was less painful and the third time didn't hurt at all. On all occasions I was relaxed and wet, so that's not the problem (why I am even writing this????) :-)

My best friend thinks it might be the hymen that is not completely torn. Is she right or might this indeed be related to my cycle?


  • I've once read the hymen becomes thicker when you get older, so that might explain a few things.

    When my husband inserts his penis this is always a little painful. Only after one or two strokes the pain goes away. I think it is related to the vaginal fluid that is distributed across the vaginal walls or something like that. My husband knows he has to be gentle at the beginning. After the few seconds of pain he can do whatever he want :-)

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