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On Friday me and my partner tried for a baby. Saturday I started having bad cramps and sharp pains in my stomach and gull bladder area. Sunday the pain still occurred but we tried again gently anyways. Monday I went to the hospital for blood work and a urine test to find out why I was in so much pain, as I went to pee in my cup blood came dripping out, I didn't know what this was from? I assumed I got ripped a little down their so didn't think much of it. The results for my blood came back and I was okay just had a urinary tract infection. Today they called me in, the doctor told me I had Chlamydia. I'm super scared and been crying. Does this mean I won't get pregnant? I really want a baby. Also yesterday I started bleeding like my period started and I'm still bleeding. So did us trying for a baby didn't work. How do I tell my partner I have chlamydia I'm scared he might wanna break up or idk I just have a really bad feeling about telling him. I know I need to and he needs to get tested and put on antibiotics. I am currently on antibiotics. Please help I need advice , moms please help me. I'm scared and sad. I want a beautiful baby with this wonderful man. But how do I tell him I have this std . 😭?


  • Firstly, if your period was due trying for a baby on Friday was unlikely to work anyway. You need to "try" around ovulation time for best chances aka mid cycle.1

    As for the chlamydia you have to tell your partner regardless. Do you also know where it's been recieved from as you should really tell them too? Or has it possibly came from your partner? It's awkward but has to be asked. Men can go longer without symptoms than women but it can effect fertility if left untreated. 

    I'd say let your body clear up the infection, get this period out the way and wait until next cycle before you try any baby making. If things go well with your partner anyway. 

    Good luck x

  • How long have u been with him ?? This will indicate how long uve had it. Did u get tested before him? It's always advised to get tested after u spkit with someone and after u meet someone then u can make sure u know ur clear and healthy. The urine infection cud ofbeen a sign u had this std. Yes it can lie dormant with no symptoms but as a woman we tend to have something different. And I feel urs was this urine infection. I don't want to put doubt in ur head but pls make sure he's being faithfully to u so approach this subject to him especially if uve been together a while with no problems down below. Especially if ur planning a baby. If uve had this std a while it's worth seeing if the doctor can make sure u don't have pelvic inflammatory disease but normally u wud have symptoms if u did. Don't stress tho if he loves you he won't break up with u plus who says he didn't give it u. He needs to know and take the antibiotics otherwise ur gonna get it again as soon as u have sex with him. X

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