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Will I Be Able To Have A Baby with PCOS?

Hello all, I hope you can help put my mind at ease.

When I first started my period (around 14 years old), I had really bad pains and would have a period every 2 weeks that would go on for about 3 days. My mom took me to the doctors and they put me on the pill to regulate my periods. I had problems with water infections throughout my teens and then going into adulthood. When I was 19 I went for an scan to see if there was anything wrong with my bladder and the results come back that they couldn't find anything for my water infection problem but i did have multiple cysts on both of my ovaries, when i come out the hospital with my mom she told me that she also has PCOS. My partner and I have been together for 3 years this month and we want to start trying for a baby this June/July. I have planned to come off the pill at the end of this month (Feb 2017)  to see what my periods are like now (I have been on it for about 9 years). What do you think my chances are of conceiving? I forgot to mention I am 23, a size UK8, 5 ft 4, do not suffer with unusual hair growth. The only symptom I have is my irregular periods from when I was a teenager and I don't know what they are like now. I am desperate to not have any problems when we try to conceive, I can't wait to have a baby. I am really exicted but the thought of having problems and not being able to conceive naturally is breaking my heart a little. Also how often should you be having sex with PCOS and irregular periods?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated!

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