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Pregnant 12 days after misc?

Ok long story short I had a misc. At 5 weeks. I bleed for 5 daus then it stopped and I actually felt great, compared to my previous misc which I bleed for months. We had had sex multiple times since I have stopped bleeding then 12 days after my bleeding stop I started feeling pregnancy symptoms all the sudden and felt like It hit me like a bus lol so I took a test ot was a faint positive. I thought it might be left over hormones. So I took another one the next morning and it was darker. As this happen to anyone, I didnt even know this was possible? Any insight?


  • imagehere is a pic of course the lines are much darker in person but so you have an idea, instead of the line getting fainter after a misc. Like if i had hormones in my system, they are getting darker i had an ultrasoubd confirming everything was gone during my bleeding so O know there is nothing left. So could this be a new pregnancy so soon?

  • Sorry for all the spelling errors and grammer errors, it hard to type this all woth my 2 year old haha.

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