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Chlamyida for 4+ years

I was recently diagnosed with Chlamidya...I was in complete shock since I have been with two men in the last ten year. Long term bfs. I have been with my current bf for 4 years, and we have not cheated. (1000% sure). I almost wish he would tell me he cheated a month ago so I would know it's only been a month ive had it! But I am sure it's  been either 4 or 10 years. Absolutely NO symptoms at ALL. I've been treated and so has the bf, but now I am horrified that I have PID and my tubes are scarred. I have some pelvic pain, and I have had 3 doctors tell me that they don't think i have pid at all. But I can't get it out of my head! They must be wrong! i need to hear a good story! Has ANYONE EVER had chlamyida for years and got pregnant?? Does it ALWAYS turn to pelvic inflam disease? Any successful stories?? I'm just a mess:(


  • I couldn't read and run. I know it's a huge shock to you at the moment but there are lots of pregnancy success stories following chlamydia. Hopefully someone here will be able to share one with you. It's positive news that you haven't developed PID. Were the drs able to give you any explanation for your pelvic pain? The good thing is that the chlamydia has been caught and treated now, even if it feels like it's been too long.  

    Although it's tempting try not to google it too much - I find it drives me crazy reading conflicting information.

  • Thank you for the friendly response! It's a confusing situation, two walk in doctors, my family doctor and an emergency room doctor said they don't think I have it because they said I would be in horrible pain....which I'm not, it's just a dull ache once in a while right down low by my pelvis. But online I see very often it says sometimes pid doesn't even have symptoms! So how do they know for sure? It seems like I must have it, since I've had chlamyida for years and just now am feeling pelvic pain. But you are right, google has horror stories and can really mess with your head and make you absolutely crazy! The one doctor said I'm bloated (I'm always bloated) and didn't really seem to care was in a rush as usual. One doctor did an internal and a swab which came back negative for chlamyida which is good its gone but doesn't explain the pelvic pain. One doctor said oh maybe you have an ovarian cyst, you wouldn't have pid since that takes multiple times over many many years and tons of pain, which I found out is NOT always true. 

    Going to ANOTHER doctor march 20th, earliest I could get in sadly. I hope he takes this serious.  Sorry for the lengthy reply 

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