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New member needs advice

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting and am a little nervous! I just am looking for some feedback and advice. We have been ttc for awhile now with no luck... I have been feeling so down about it. My wonderful other half has some amazing nephews and he of course wants to see them and be around them, but I find it so hard myself to as one is just a baby.
I feel like his family is all about the kids they are over at there house daily but we see them maybe once every three weeks at hours for a quick visit... I know in my heart if we had kids we would see them just as much if not more.
When we do see them it's not often they ask about us (or my son from a previous marriage) but instead it's all about the grand kids or there kids... it hurts a lot just because it feels like extra saktto the wound or like I will never fit in if I don't fall pregnant soon.
Anyways I know it sounds petty but it's causing my a lot of upset. My other half doesn't see it as an issue. I'm not sure if I should let this go or chat to my mother in law about including us more (with children or not).
Does anyone else feel lesser for not being able to give grandkids or am I just losing my mind!


  • Hey!

    youre not being petty at all! I get where you're coming from, not exactly the same circumstances, however my sister has a little boy and is pregnant with a little girl. I'm so happy for her and excited that I am becoming auntie again. But! I am so jealous as well! Both times now that my sister has been pregnant everything is about her, my mother couldn't care less and I feel like when/if I have a baby (pcos is causing havoc for this) that my mum won't be bothered because all she cares about are my niece and nephew. Don't get me wrong I'm glad as my nephew is amazing as I'm sure my niece will be, but I suppose that's her first grandchildren which is kind of the same for you. It's not a nice feeling at all. 

    is your mother in law someone you feel you can talk to openly about things? Xx

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