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Infertility signs?

So, i'm a teenager, who's having really extremely irregular periods, i mean, two MONTHS constantly bleeding and then no period for a month or two. I got a test at the docs, no sexually transmitted diseases or anything life threatening either, altho, at the time that I went to the doctors I was a virgin so they couldn't do much of a inspection as to why I'm so irregular, but they did an ultrasound and saw that i might have polycyctic ovaries, but didn't do anything about it?? they gave me shots to stop the bleeding and a birth pill to regulate the period, which helped for a few months. Unfortunately, my periods got back into the unhealthy cycle, not due to obesety, stress or any of that sorts. But. Between those months that I was on the pill I've had sex, every time was with protection, but the pain was UNBEARABLE and after each time there was blood, not a lot but enough to notice. And that made me wonder, is there any possible way I might be infertile? And how do I know if I am if i'm not trying to conceive RIGHT NOW? Has anyone struggled with anything of this sorts? 

Also yes, i am going to the doctors very soon, unfortunately I moved to a new country and my form is still pending - until then, i'm literally doctorless.. so, help! 

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