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Newbie - 1700mg Metformin & Clomid Success Stories


Hey, I am new to this forum and have to admit this is the first site I've joined rather than just stalk TTC threads image

I am 31, 10 years married and was diagnosed with PCOS aged 23. We have been TTC for 9 years.

Other than Metformin, we got offered no other medication for those 9 years, so I'm feeling really down and expect I simply do not ovulate on my own. Husband has healthy sperm so it's all on me.

We have recently upped our TTC game to give it our best shot; I bought myself natural Pregesterone Cream & have taken it from January, which has amazingly given me a period each month after none for a very long time. They aren't regular in terms of cycle length but they are atleast coming. 

Also I now finally have Clomid through a private prescription and taking 50mg Day 2 - 7. I am currently on CD 3  of my first round and feeling dull aches in my left ovary and upper thigh ... typically the ovary that normally aches when my period is due so I'm used to ignoring that!

It's incredibly difficult to keep track of everything in terms of when to take pills/stop cream/remember to use preseed etc (you ladies make it seem easy!) :)

Once I finish my first round of Clomid, I start taking OPK's from 3 days after. I'm incredibly excited but nervous of my emotional turmoil if I don't ovulate.

Any and all success stories would be great to hear if you have one to share!!! :)


  • No metformin or clomid success stories on here I guess, and no one in a similar sitiation who do not ovulate on their own..

    I'm staying positive and hope my husband and I concieve in the first or second cycle.

    *Baby dust*

  • You're not alone!!

    i don't ovulate naturally either and only have a period every 2 months so unable to tell if I have ever ovulated!! 

    In the middle of fertility appointments and will be given cloned to help at the end of June! 

    Good luck!! Xx 

  • **Clomid I mean. Oops^**

  • I have had 2 children naturally without medication. I have pcos couldn't conceive for the last 5 years. I was on METFORMIN 2000mg for a year it has made my periods more regular. Took Clomid for the 1st time in June 2017 and found out I was pregnant 6-7 weeks later. Unfortunately my baby didn't make it due an unknown infection with fever + bleeding and clotting. Lost the pregnancy at 12 weeks + 4 days. I started taking the METFORMIN again after 2 weeks of my miscarriage but only started ttc in December 2017. Wish you best of luck x

  • Hiya hun where did you get your private prescription from? I'm trying to find Clomid to buy on the internet but I'm dubious about buying from just any site. If anyone has any leftover please let me know and I'll gladly take them off your hands ! lol xx

  • Hey TopBanana1875

    Sorry for the slow reply, I haven't been on here since 2017. My husband got me a prescription for Clomid from

    Unfortunately they wouldn't provide me with a further prescription after 5/6 months but that is standard as not good for tour body if taken for over 6 months.

    However if you are a healthy BMI you may be able to get clomid from your Dr instead of paying online. I gave up after clomid and done a keto diet to lose 52lbs recently.Good luck and all the best xx

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