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Am I ovulating? Weight & Fertility

Hey, I know most people will say the easiest thing to do is get OPKs, but they're expensive and I can't tell if I'm even ovulating in the first place to spend that much money. I mean I have regular periods, 31 day cycles, so that would suggest I'm ovulating, but here's the issue:

I lost a lot of weight (I am technically underweight now but only by a few pounds), and I have tried eating more, healthier, and a wider variety since. I notice watery discharge every month around ovulation, starting off creamy, then milky, then watery (TMI- sorry!). I've been tested for infections and everything in case that was what I was noticing the discharge from but everything came back normal. 

For the first time this month, I noticed EWCM, a lot of it image so embarrassed I had to change my underwear /-\ I was meant to ovulate tomorrow, but I noticed the EWCM about five days ago and nothing after that except watery discharge.

I'm thinking maybe my weight has stopped me ovulating properly?

Any help would be great, I'm terrified my past bad eating habits have done some damage. Thank you!



  • Hi Lucy, I'm slightly underweight too but I've been this way all my life so it's normal for me. I've been temping for about 6 months and I used OPKs this month which both indicate that I am ovulating.

    To confirm ovulation I'd suggest temping - OPKs only detect a LH surge which can still happen even if you aren't ovulating. You can pick up a bbt thermometer at the pharmacy quite cheaply. It's a bit of a commitment to temp and the same time each day but it's the best indicator of ovulation. The downside is that you don't know you've ovulated until after it's happened which is a bit late for TTC. However after a few months you should see a pattern and, if your af is regular, you'll know when in your cycle you ovulate.   

    Hope that helps! 

  • Betsy87, that's probably going to be the best option, it just drives me mad how you can't tell what your own body is doing, haha

  • I know it's so frustrating not really having any control over it. Sorry just noticed your Lily not Lucy!

  • Hey hun if ure wanting to know for sure your best off starting to bbt every moring.. it can't predict ure fertile period but you can see once uve ovulated and will see a patten over a few mother to get a better idea when to bd..

     That with checking cm and a few Internet cheep opks in ure fertile window can make it quite easy to track and bd at the right time.. 

    If ure getting lots of ewcm u may have ovulated earlier this cycle.. if u get ure period 14 days from the time it stoped u should know for sure cause u usualy get ewcm just before you ovulate but some women do only get watery. 

  • Well it's been fourteen days and no period, but people have been saying it takes one or two days after you last see ewcm to actually ovulate so might be in for a treat tomorrow aha

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