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Ectopic pregnancy, lost right fallopian tube now 3days late

Hey ladies. Im currently trying to conceive with Hubby. Last June 2016 I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Well when this happened they gave me the metro shot which was suppose to decrease All pregnancy growth. However 12 hrs later i was rushed to the emergency room i had a blood clot which wrapped its self  "weird right" around the development embryo. Make a long story short. They removed my right fallopian tube. Than they said my left was blocked because of scar tissue. February 17/2017 was my last period. I track my periods each month this month is nothing im usually 26/27 days give or take no longer. Will no period all signs of pregnancy but 6 negative test that cost 10 to 18 bucks a box ugh. What is going on im so confused ill be so crushed if im not expecting. I really want a baby with my Husband this well be our first. My 4th and his 2nd. If anyone got answers please help me out please.. Thanks Ladies And GOD BLESS....

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