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Think might have had chemical pregnancy need bbt advice

Was hoping people could check my chart see if it looks like I had a chemical pregnancy or somthing ease maby.. ovulated cd19 and had spotting and temp dip cd18 then temp rise that has stayed high right up until cd36 and has stated to drip but I've still had no period or significant bleed just a tiny bit of very pale pink/yellow very slimy spotting for 3 mornings wen I first woke from 8dpo then 1 day of light spotting cd13 and nothing since..  av been urinating constantly, breast pain, headaches and funny cramps for a week or so but since my temp droped no symptoms apart from funny cramps still but still no bleed..


  • No advice at all 😭😭😭

  • Hi hun didn't want to read and run. if you've been getting negative tests then you can't say you've had a chemical, it may just be that your having a long cycle and that AF may be due any day now. Retest tomorrow to check for pegnancy. If you keep getting negatives and no AF maybe make an appointment with your GP xx

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