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Any advice welcomed

I havent posted on here for a while but i sometimes feel this is the only place to turn and i wont be judged or look crazy. I am currently on cd 38 My last cycle started on Sat 25th of February. I usually have heavy kinda sore boobs a few days before af and also usually experience af cramps a few days before as well. This time I'm not so sure I defiantly havery very sore boobs the last few days on off and I have shooting pains that last a few moments it makes me kinda hold them a little bit till the ache goes away. I get this sometimes but not as painful as this time. I've also had bloating and a lil cramping but nothing major.  I've had myself convinced I was pregnant  before and I've even been as late as 33 days in January but never this long before . I just don't want to test and be disappointed at a bfn. How long do you think I should wait at longest before testing if af doesn't arrive soon?x


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    On cd 39 

    I had my first bfp. I wanted to update this post as sometimes I look back and wonder what the outcome was for some of the woman on here. If anyone has any questions I will try to answer in any way I can that will help. I have followed so many woman's stories on here and wish you all the best of luck and sending lots of baby dust to you all! Throughout the months so many of you have helped me in ways you wouldn't even realise even just reading some of your stories have made me feel a bit more sane knowing I'm not the only that's felt the way I have.xx

  • Hi Tia1, thank you so much for coming back to update your post - and what a lovely outcome, congratulations! If you wanted to check out our Due in December 2017 thread, it's right here

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