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2nd consecutive miscarriage

I've recently suffered my 2nd consecutive miscarriage. The first was at 10 weeks and very traumatic, the most recent was at 5 weeks. I'm feeling very low and upset. My husband is more upset than he's letting on and is refusing to talk about it. I can't understand why this keeps happening, and I just feel so bleak for the future and trying again. Can anyone give any advice? My Dr was very unsympathetic and refused to refer me to a gynaecologist until I lose a 3rd baby. I'm 36, don't smoke or drink and eat healthily. I've also been taking folic acid for the past 6 months. Has anyone had a similar experience and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?
Thank you xxx


  • Hello, so sorry for your losses, it is truley a hard time and my thoughts are with you. I have had 2 miscarriages, 1 at 9 weeks and 1 at 4 weeks. The first one was in November/December and then I immediately got a BFP without a period in between in January but unfortunately lost that one. I had a period after that at the start of February and then nothing since, and am 10 weeks pregnant at the moment. This time I paid and went to a private doctor as soon as I got my BFP as I had some spotting, and he immediately but me on progesterone, clexane injections and aspirin as well as high dose folic acid. Everything is very normal and the pregnancy is progressing normally and I've not had any spotting since 5 weeks. I cant say that the private doctor saved me this time, as it could just be that this pregnancy would have worked out either way, but just something to consider. 

    i know it can be tough especially as your going through it right now and everything has just happened, but believe in yourself it will happen for you. Losses are tough but be determined and as long as you never give up, it will work out. Good luck x

  • Thank you for your lovely reply. I am also very sorry for your losses. Congratulations on this pregnancy for you and am happy everything is going well for you 😘 Paying to go private is definitely something to consider, it hadn't occurred to me before, and at least it looks like this Dr is taking you seriously. Thank you again for your reply and all the luck in the world for you xxx

  • Thank you and I am sending you hugs at this time, I know how you must be feeling but stay strong you can do this :) 

    Im still being treated under NHS care, not being seen private for the whole of the pregnancy only at the beginning to get me through the first trimester hopefully. I know it's a cost but its not been that unreasonable for the care I've had. Theres access to other treatments that the NHS doesn't provide at this time, so for me it's been worth it.


  • I'm currently in the middle of my second consecutive miscarriage and had already my mind made up that we will go down the private route next time. Thank you jadeelx! It's great to hear a positive story, gives us hope! 💖

  • Hi mrs c and other ladies. So sorry to hear of your losses. I wanted to share my story to give you some hope and reassurance.

    like you ladies my 1st 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage. I was devastated not only at losing my babies but at the real possibility (in my mind) that losing my first 2 babies meant that I would continue to lose babies and never have the chance to be a Mum. 

    After my second loss I had lots of tests done (blood tests to check thyroid function and look for anti-phospholipid syndrome, DNA karotyping, a Hysterosalpingogram to look at the structure of my uterus etc)... everything came back 'normal' so I was left in the terrifying position of just having to try again with no answers or reassurance that it would be ok next time. I actually then spoke with my specialist about the use of progesterone & he agreed to prescribe it for me (prometrium 200mg vaginally once per day before bed). his view was that whilst there is no scientific proof (only anicdotal) that it prevents miscarriage, there is evidence that it does no harm so it worth a try. I took it from 3days post LH surge until 12 weeks pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy and welcomed my beautiful rainbow baby home with us in September 2015. 

    every second of pain, every single tear is worth it when you get to bring home your precious baby. 

    Keep strong ladies & you will get your dream x

    ps... I started a thread a long time ago for other mums of rainbow babies to share their stories so that it could give hope to others in the same situation... please do go take a look at it. 

  • Thank you so much SW2! That really does give us hope.  I just feel so broken right now and filled with so many questions! I'm having a scan at the EPU tomorrow to confirm miscarriage even though I already know from before that our little baby must be gone at this stage.  Trying to look ahead with some positivity and hearing stories like yours really helps. xx

  • Glad I could help you just a little Mel. 

    If there is anything else I can do / any questions you have / any info you need please don't hesitate to ask. Let us know how your can goes x

  • So today's scan confirmed our fears, our little baby has gone. We are left with so many questions. 😰 The Dr said they do not investigate until there have been three consecutive miscarriages but we can't take that heartache again without knowing more so we are going to look into private testing in a few weeks after we've had some time to try to come to terms with things. x

  • So sorry to hear your news Mel! I will be thinking of you!! Take care of yourself and your hubby... lots of tea, whatever you want to eat and duvet time on the sofa. Talk as much as you can with each other... allow time to process & grieve for your lost little one. 

    after my second loss I struggled with all my feelings & needed an outlet... 2 things helped... 1) I went to see a bereavement counselor & found that really helpful. 2) I did a memory book for my lost babies to give them some forever recognition... that helped tremendously. With my first loss I didn't get to have a scan until it was too late & the hospital didn't give us a picture then... so I just wrote a letter to the baby... talking about when we conceived, how excited we were, when the baby was due & when he/ she was 'born' & made a nice border & stuck it in the memory book. With my second i had scan pics from 6 and 8 weeks before we miscarried at 9 1/2 weelse so I included all the scan pics as well as a letter on our second ones page. I put some little prayer quotes in there & talked about loving them as our babies regardless of the fact that they couldn't come home with us. It was a day full of tears when I made the book but extremely cathartic & I felt so much more at peace afterwards. 

    Hope you recover quickly, get some answers when you have the tests and have a happy outcome soon. 

    Hugs x

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