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Why am i so scared but desperate to get pregnant again!

hi all, I'm writing because my self and partner have a wonderful daughter age 5 but I feel selfish because I want more. I sadly had a miscarriage last year august and my heart broke like shattered glass.

Last month my partner and I decided to concieve again and as much im happy I'm really scared too!! Is this normal!


  • Hi. You are not selfish because you want to enlarge your family. In fact, it's marvelous.

    It is normal that you are scared. When you have a natural miscarriage, you are too afraid to conceive again.

    I recommend you go to a fertility specialist with your husband. It's nothing to worry about. They perform a series of tests to know your degree of fertility. In such a way that you can clarify any doubt or concern that you have.

    It's better if you go with your husband.

  • I understand completely. I had an ectopic in August last year. And just gone through another 3weeks ago. I have two children 8&7 no problems at all. I feel selfish wanting one more. But these last two losses have broke me. I really want to try again in the future but my fear level is so high now I'm scared to. It's normal to feel this way you are not alone x

  • It is normal Hun. The fear and anxiety is expected. Its the fear of the unknown however. You got to let it go. 

  • Mummyyazx hey! Correctly girls say: you are far from selfish.  Many married couples have not one child, but two or three.  Therefore, I fully support you in this matter and believe that you are well done, you are clever.  You can not stop just because you're scared.  Just collect all your thoughts in a heap and make a choice for yourself.  Also, try to find support from relatives.  I know for myself that it is very comforting. Or you can just write to me and I'll support you, I'll give you some good advice.  No fluff, no feather to you, darling.

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