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how to get pregnant after depo

I got the 2 month contraceptive injection in March. I want to try for another baby. I am 26 and was wondering how long it takes to fall pregnant after injection? Or anything to try? 


  • Hi Sarah,

    I was on it and it took me 15 months before I conceived, however we weren't actively trying so that may have caused the delay with this. However sadly it ended in MC last July and we have been actively trying to no avail.... Other than making sure you are DTD during the fertile time, there isn't really anything you can actually do - its all down to the luck of the draw and one of those swimmers catching the egg!!

    They do say that it can take up to a year for the injection to leave your system....

  • DTD ? Sorry need to get used to the lingo. 

    I have A 2 year old and we haven't been trying but I did hear it can take a year to get our your system which worries me. 

    So sorry about your experience, and good luck for the next time

  • doing the deed :)

    Yeah i came off it as soon as i got together with my partner (it had been on the cards for a couple of years!!! not a crazy person! haha) 

    Yeah it takes a while - I was told that it was a longer term BC option and if I was thinking about TTC then to come off it at least a year before we wanted to try.


  • Thank you for your help, 

    I'm taking folic acid. Just need to get this out my system, my periods are always all over the place. 

    So hopefully it doesn't take too long 

  • Yeah I am taking folic acid too - unfortunately there aren't any pills that help us conceive - just prepares our body to help carry a pregnancy. If only there was a magic pill!

  • Best thing to do is to look into taking your basal body temperature every day - thats the only way to confirm ovulation. That way you will be able to see if and when your body starts to ovulate, work out what your luteal phase is (the point between Ovulation and your period - this never changes, so if you O late, your period will be later and vice versa) then you will be able to get to grips with your body and know when to DTD and when your period (AF) will arrive. x

  • How do I test Basel body temperature and How will I know when it is right time

  • You need a basal thermometer - quite cheap online. You need to take it every single morning at the same time (after 4 hours of un-interrupted sleep) before getting out of bed, talking, drinking etc - like the min you open your eyes. 

    chart the temps on an app like Fertility friend - free and really good for tracking.Ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks before you period is due, but if your cycles are irregular at the moment you might want to use ovulation sticks..... once they start to get dark, then you will know when its the right time. Once you have ovulated your temperature will go up and then remain high until you get your period or stay high if you get pregnant.

    I started to do all those things but I was getting stressed out with it all - plus I kind of know my own body's signs now, so I just go with it.

  • Thanks for the advice :) 

    Really helpful

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