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misscarrige prb

Hello every one,i have a question that none seems to be able to answer. So i was just wondering if maybe someone is going thought the same thing i'm going thought. So 4 months ago i was pregnant with my 2nd child but lost the baby due to pregnancy complications. I even had to finish the process using the abortion pill. Its been two months since i had the miscarriage, but i've been bleeding since none stop, Yes its calms down but never completely stopped. me and my boyfriend has been trying to conceive so any chance we got we got down to business (sorry lol). Heres the confusing part for me, after the miscarriage i never went to check if everything came out. 3 1/2 weeks after everything i finally decided to go to the hospital because i was still getting a positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after, they told me my hormones leave were at 100 so it should be going down. Its been about a month and i took another pregnancy test (name brand) it came out fainted positive, when i went to the hospital they told me my pregnancy test was negative. Am confused because by now my hormone levels should be at 0 since it was at 101 a month ago, and since ive been bleeding i really cant tell what going on with my body, i took a test on wednesday which came out fainted positive (name brand) took another one 3 days later and its i lil lighter. Can i be pregnant with a new pregnancy or can it be left overs from my last. am also confused because idk if the name brand pregnancy test i used it detecting the last pregnant or a new one Its been 2 months i should of been cleared with everything by now, what do you guys think!


  • Sounds like you really need to push your Doctor /Hospital for a scan and further tests.  Don't be afraid to ask for second opinions and keep on st them for it.  

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