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Pregnant or PMS

Hey! I was hoping to get some advice as I have no idea what to think. All the signs I have had for the last 2 weeks lead to both early pregnancy or PMS l. I'd like to think it was pregnancy however don't want to disappoint myself. For the last 2 weeks I have experiences bruised feeling breasts and sensitive nipples, my mood swings are all over the place and I'm very sleepy and sleeping for about 12 hours a night. I have headaches almost everyday and peeing every hour or so. I had slight discharge last week that was white with specks of blood then to light brown now to nothing. My period is irregular however it's been a month since my last one. I'm feeling nausea pretty much every day all through the day. I now need a number 2 everyday which is new passing wind with almost every step very embarrassing at work haha. I have been pregnant before however didn't notice symptoms until 7weeks in. Am I reading too much into this? 


  • I took a test fairly soon (apx 5 days) after unprotected sex which turned out negative. However i wasnt experiencing anything really at that time. Just the discharge. 

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