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Fertility Blood Tests - Can't remember doctor's advice!

Went to see my GP yesterday in a state of upset, to try speed up the waiting game which is finding out why we're having no luck.

He's given me two forms to give to Pathology Outpatients at my local hospital:
One is for a Gonadotrophins & Prolactin blood test
The other is Oestradiol blood test

He said I need to go for one test on the __?? day of my period and the other on the __?? day of my period.

Can anyone fill in the gaps?! I was so upset about coming on again I didn't take everything he was saying in. I'm currently on period day 2 and stressing that I should be at hosp now getting my bloods done.

Thanks xx


  • Hya hun the test is to be done 7 days before you are due on your period. Xx

  • Yes I think the more generic one is 7 days before expected period. usually this I see Day 21 for people with regular cycle. As mine isn't regular I would have no way I'd knowing when this is and was assured not to worry too much if cycle not regular.

    I think prolactin can be done any time of the month though. I have high prolactin so currently undergoing routine blood tests and never been given a set date.

    if unsure could give clinics a ring and they could inform of their policy?

    good luck! 

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