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Is my pregnancy test positive??

my "period" came around 2 weeks ago, but it wasn't normal  had excruciating cramps and it was pinkish red at first then turning into complete red with little tissue bits in it. That lasted for about 2 days then it started to turn brownish with discharge For another 2 days , my periods are usually 7 days. heres the catch thoug, this period I have started birth control due to my extremely painful cramps. Since my period had ended I have had extremely sore breasts and slight cramps. With that being said I took 2 pregnancy tests the first one was a super super faint positive and the second read not pregnant. I need your help am I pregnant ?image


  • Did you start the bc before your unusual period? If so, that could be why it was shorter. If that wasn't af and you are in fact pregnant and 2 weeks past af due date then I'd expect a strong bfp. Blue dye tests are notoriously unclear, try a pink dye or a digital one. If that's a bfn then I'd say you're not pregnant and you're just experiencing a different cycle - annoyingly that happens to us all from time to time!

  • Just reread that you've tried a digital test. Give it a few days before trying again but if it's 6 weeks since your last "normal" af and you're getting bfn then I'm afraid it's unlikely that you're pregnant. 

  • I did start the birth control the first day of the period. I was thinking it could just be the birth control symtoms but decided to take some tests just to be sure. When the test came back with the  faint positive I figured I should try again so I did take a digital one and it ended up being not pregnant. So it's possibly an evaporation line ?

  • imageUpdate: seems that the clear blue pregnancy test was an evap line ... will do digital first response in the morning

  • Can anyone help me please? 

    Long story short, I stopped my depo injection last October, I've had  few un regular periods and the last few have been regular. I took this test two days ago, then a first response today.

    one to me is positive one is negative.

    any help much appreciated! Thank you xxximageimage

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