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Faint lines 2 days before period first response

hi I took a test around 2pm today and within the space of a minute a i had a faint positive... just wondering can you get a false positive? image


  • Hi, I'd say you are pregnant! Congratulations, my Dr told me you can't get a false positive, my first pregnancy tests were very faint, to be sure I got one of those clear blue digital tests that says pregnant or not pregnant and how many weeks :) I'd say you are pregnant though that test is dark compared to my first test was so so faint 

  • thank you.. was just abit worried cause I'm not due on for another 2 days 🙈... but like I said it came up within the space of a minute I was in total shock still am now..

  • image

    Thease are mine :) the top ones are so faint and they were taken 2 days before my period, I went out and got the clear blue (it switches off after 24 hours so can't show you) and then I just kept testing few days apart to see the hcg line getting darker :) (because I'm sad lol)

  • your not sad at all I think it's lovely...and it's crazy seeing how darker they get isn't it 😍🙌🏻...  do you think I should test again the day my period is due?... 

  • Awwww thanks :) yea I'd test again on the day you are due, hopefully it will be a bit darker :) if you can get the digital clear blue when it says pregnant rather than just lines you believe it :) 

  • thank you so so much for your help.. so nervous!.. I keep getting cramps and it almost feels like period cramps.. 😂🙈 is that normal? 

  • No problem glad I could help, the cramps are completely normal I was convinced my period was going to start the period cramping stopped for me at about 7 weeks, I'm 11 weeks now and iv get the odd twinge and ache, it's just stuff stretching and moving to make way for baby :) but I'd say the cramping for you is the egg attaching it's self :) so yea completely normal 

  • awww thank you so much... you've really helped me!.. it's so exciting & CONGRATULATIONS to you also!!!💕💕 

  • No problem glad I could help, iv spent so many hours reading up on stuff and from experience that I'm glad I could help you as well as my self :) hope everything goes well for you :) congratulations again :) 

  • thank you again.. and I hope everything goes well for you also have a happy and healthy pregnancy 🙏🏻💕

  • You are not alone on here. For me my period is due tommorow but i done two pregnancy tests already both positive but with one second faint line like you have on your picture. 

    I have severe cramps all day today which is a nightmare and breast tenderness, slight nausea, and a weird taste in mouth and weird sense of smell and extremely tired. It is draining my energy out lol. With my other 2 daughters i never done pregnancy tests before a period and waited till a missed period. For whatever reason I had a feeling to do tests for pregnancy then it came up showing faint positives today and yesterday. 

    So just a waiting game for me now to see what happens. 

  • fingers are firmly crossed for you... 

    & i had a little boy 22nd February 💙😍 x

  • Fingers crossed for you kimberley :)

    Congratulations on your baby boy EP! I had my son 18th December 2017 xx 

  • Congratulations Rebecca 💙xx

  • Does anyone think this could be a positive test!!?? 
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