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Is my low BMI stopping me from ovulating?

Hi all,

I've recently been to the drs as I have irregular periods and myself and my partner want a baby. My BMI is on the low end of the scale, at about 17.5 does anyone have any experience of this affecting their ovulation?

I have no issues with food and I just eat what I like and am fortunate enough to burn it off very quickly, I hardly excercise so there isn't any reason for concern, other than my long cycles. Sometimes as long as 50 days and other times as short as 30. There really isn't much of a pattern which makes it more frustrating! 

I have been using ovulation predictor kits this month and have seen nothing up until a couple of days ago when there was a faint line, I know this doesn't count as a sign of ovulation but does it mean anything at all?!

Thanks in advance,



  • It does not necessarily affect your fertility, but it can affect your cycle. Someone with more or less 18.5 percent of muscle mass can affect your menstrual cycle or make you even stop ovulating. Your problem can be that. That your body mass to be low does not let the ovaries release the ovule.
    If your menstrual cycle is not normal you should consult a doctor. You may have a hormonal problem that is causing you infertility. Also try to consume more nutrients to achieve the weight you should have.
    Your cycles should be fixed with that. My sister had the same problems as you. She always used to be underneath where she should and was due to her metabolism. Her cycle was always delayed. With a visit to the doctor and indications everything improved.
    It is also important that they discard PCOS, endo and other things.
    I hope you can have good results soon.

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