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Am i pregnant?

This will be #5 (oh lord lol) however im having alot of mixed signals. You'd think with this being #5 i would know what i am doing by now..but i dont. 

So heres the problem.... i started spotting 8 days before AF was due. I only spotted for 3 days with one day being heavyish and some clotting. 5 days before AF is due i take a test (family dollar brand) i get a very faint line. I take another test (walmart 88cent test) 2 days before AF due and it says negative. I then take 2 more today both the same kind as before and i get 2 positive test. So know you're thinking okay your pregnant whats with this thread right?  WELL....heres the problem i went to the bathroom and started spotting again.

Ive spotted with all 4 of my other kids but only for a few days and that was it. So this time I am wondering if this is normal or what? It's never happened to me before so i am very confused. 

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