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PCOS - need all the advice I can get! :)

Hi everyone! :) 

I'm new to this so please excuse me if I blabber. So I'm 22 and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS and haven't been given advice/medication by my doctor (she basically told me not to go back unless I'm ready to have a baby), which is kind of the problem!! Also, I rarely have periods, and it has been 6 months since af arrived. 

I'm so ready now to have a baby, I have been with my fiancé for 8 years now and we are in a good situation. So firstly, I'm concerned it may be frowned upon, wanting to be a young mother, so haven't asked for anything to help me conceive from my doctor. What do you think? I feel a lot older than I am and definitely more mature. 

Preferably I would conceive naturally, but I really struggle with my weight for the past 2 years or so - i literally put on and lose so many pounds over a few days it's unreal, but I cannot keep it off! 

Any advice is greatly welcomed :) 


  • People who have experiences with PCOS is also welcome :)

  • I had pcos around your age and they put me on the pill as the treatment as I didn't have the syndrome, just the cysts. 

    You should see your doctor regardless of your age. Am surprised they didn't give you any medication for it.

    at your age they probably won't do anything until after 2 years, but there is a medication They can give you to make you ovulate. 

    Definitely see the doctor and get some advise, people on here will only be able to comment on their own experiences and everyone is different. Good luck 

  • i have pcos, I don't have cysts but my hormones are imbalanced.  

    When I was younger they told me the same that they can't do anything until I'm trying to conceive. 

    Been trying to conceive (and miscarring) for the last 2 years almost and can't say theyve been much more help.  

    The best thing you can do is to do your research, there is a lot of information online, some of it conflicting.  

    I have had to rely on trying To help myself with supplements and eating right.  There is a specific way of eating for pcos.  

    The best supplement I've found recently is inositol & Choline from Holland and Barratt, I take one with my breakfast &one with my dinner.  Also make sure you take prepregnancy vitamins with folic acid.  I take extra vitamin D and an extra folic acid and also I was taking Agnus Castus but recently stopped.  But really you need to do your research to find what's best for you.  I've now also started evening primrose on recommendation for someone else.  

  • I have pcos. Took a test and this is the results . Is this   A positive?

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • Thank you for the advice :) I've been taking some sumplements for a couple of weeks now so hopefully they'll help 

  • It looks positive to me, and as long as you read the results within 10 min maximum you're pregnant. Otherwise it could be an evap 

    Good luck :) 

  • Thank you... Im hoping it's truly positive. My breast are very sensitive and been that way for about two weeks 

  • Blue dye tests are well know for evap lines, I would try a pink dye test such a first response brand 

  • Blossomtree they can take a little time to get into your system, good luck 

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