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Apparently there is something called implantation bleeding? Been bleeding 2 weeks 4 days.... Use 1 panty liner a day.... Was 15 days late.... Moody 1st week. Second week exhausted beyond belief slept all day and all night... Blood started out brown, very light first week... 2 week kinda red but mostly pink and brown... Could I be + and if so how far along??


  • Hi Implantation bleeding typically lasts a few days and doesn't usually change in colour or consistency, but everyone is different! have you taken a test? 

  • No going to this am

  • Great! Fingers crossed for you! 

  • Do you think I am??

  • I don't know it's hard to tell, it's strange that you have been bleeding for so long, are you sure it's not just your period come late? but saying that some people bleed the whole way through their pregnancy! The only way to know is it test! 

  • It came out negative.... I'm so confused everything I'm going through points to implantation bleeding????

  • 😩.. It doesn't really sound like implantation bleeding to me.. 

    i had implantation bleeding with my daughter, and it was like a very very light period that lasted about 2 days, like I said it can last longer but it doesnt usually last 2 we like your bleeding has

    what are your periods usually like? 

  • imagewhat a lady had posted

  • They are heavy and usually last 4 or 5 days,change my tampon twice a day..normal cramping the first day and usually the day before my period I'm usually extremely tired, or very bitchy and hateful...

    With this that's bee,ngoing on, only fatigue, and irritated... And I've been.craving peanut butter and that issodisgisting lol

  • I guess everyone's different! maybe wait a few days and test again!

    how long have you been ttc? 

  • What is ttc?

  • Trying to conceive! 

  • Iv been craving peanut butter too funnily enough 😂

  • Oh... I haven't.... Been trying 

  • I do not like peanut butter so the other night I made a thick peanut butter and jelly sandwich withdoritos in the middle... Omg I felt like a kid... Best thing I ate that night lol

  • Oh okay sorry I just assumed as most people iv spoke to on this forum have been trying! 

    its really difficult to tell with pregnancy, when I fell with my daughter I wasn't trying either and  didn't know I was pregnant until  I was almost 2 months gone! As I had implantation bleeding and thought It was just a light period! It wasn't until I had other symptoms that it occurred to me that I was so rushed out and got a test which came up a strong positive straight away 

  • lol that's just what I had minus the doritos! But Im usually hungrier when my period is due, iv been trying for 6 months now and just trying not to get my hopes up! 

  • Just went to the hospital... Big ol negative. So I'm not sure why I'm bleeding why this is even happening. But no baby so im happy

    Thanks for talking to me. Good luck to you.

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