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Looking for encouragement and advice please !

Hi there , I'm new to this forum and new completely to ever posting in a group at all ! 

  I was ofically diagnosed with pcos two years ago . My husband and I decided to start trying to conceive last year . I had a gallbladder attack that derailed those plans , the upside is I lost 60 pounds , had my gallbladder and never felt better .  So we decided to try again . I did some research found a ob/midwife and had my first visit with her . She seems very nice and had so many recommendations . I told her what our goal was . I have been on birth control for the past two years as well as metformin, although I stopped taking the metformin while I was sick with my gallbladder issues . She had me come off of my birth control and start back up the metformin as well as taking prenatal vitamins. I'm now one month without birth control . I haven't had many hormonal changes that I have noticed . But to get more to the point , I haven't gotten my first cycle yet . I'm a week late . I have taken a total of 6 pregnancy test one that looked and when I say faintly I mean almost non existent positive the second one was a dud and the other 4 were all negative . Im trying to be realistic the fact is its highly unlikely that I am pregnant. I was told that if I dont start my next period by Friday of this week I need to come in for testing . I'm just a nervous wreck . I am really hoping nothing is wrong and that it's just me coming off the birth control. Has anyone else had these experiences or have any wisdom they could pass on ? Thanks in advance! 

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