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PCOS Clarification

I am 28 years old and been married for last year and trying to conceive. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am severely underweight and No any PCOS symptoms (Eg.Acne,Obesity, Hair growth etc). Currently my doctor done a vaginal scan and told me that im having PCOS. But my problem is can I have this problem since im underweight and I have prescribed to take metformin 250mg. Will this medicine help me to conceive soon? Please help me im so worried.


  • Hi,

    I also have pcos and have a low bmi. Whilst the majority of people with pcos experience high bmi and the other symptoms above , it's not true with all cases. My gynaecologist told me there had recently been a lot of research into smaller girls with pcos which is becoming more widely recognised. A scan alone isnt enough to confirm though as blood tests also needed.

    Although the diagnosis can seem scary and overwhelming its helpful, as it allows the gynacologusts to help with hormone regulation etc.

    hor you are ok! 

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