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Prolactin and pcos

any advice (or good news stories) for people with high prolactin and pcos?

I have been taking bromocriotine for 6weeks as my prolactin as 780. Due to visit Dr again on 13 July to see if they are working.

i also have pcos (with low bmi) and dr said the two could be related?

any advice? Ttc month 7.



  • I had raised prolactin levels a couple of times they tested but they werent worried and did nothing about it.  I have pcos and very high bmi 

  • Hey i don't have pcos but do have high prolactin due to a prolactinoma. I've been taking bromo since 2014 and it's worked well for me, I had my son in sept 2015. 

    My prolactin level was extremely high to start with so it took a while but I did get there and now we're ttc again. There are some great support groups on Facebook I belong to prolactinoma-ttc to birth and prolactinoma support but there is another called prolactinoma and pcos. I'm no expert but if I can answer any questions I'll try, I've being dealing with this since Jan 2013 and have been on bromocriptine and cabergoline. Hope your appointment went well x

  • Thanks so much for replying.

    The good news is that the tablets are working well at lowering the prolactin. It dripped from 780 to146 in six weeks.

    Im now on them daily until get positive pregnancy test :-)

    The pcos hormones still out of sinc though, and have a different consultant for that. Will prescribe me cookie by end of year if needed. We are hoping the hi prolactin may have been affecting the pcos and maybe in a few months it will all regulate, but if that fails I will get clomid next appointment in few months time (providing all well husbands end).

    Thanks so much for your feedback - love positive stories. How long on the medication did you get you positive? Massive good luck for number 2 xxx

  • That all sounds really positive and encouraging. I did 1 year on cab  (jan 2013 - Jan 2014) and i've been on bromo since January 2014 and I got pregnant in Jan 2015. It took a long time for me because my level was so high and it took a long time to drop but once it was low enough for my cycle to return and regulate I got pregnant.  

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for number 2 but feel very lucky to have my son.  

  • Fingers crossed for us both!

    im really hoping my cycle starts to regulate now. 

    Keeo me posted how you get on xx

  • Fingers crossed and baby dust x 

    Any questions or just want to talk let me know and I'll let you know if anything happens my end x

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