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I feel so sad has anyone had this

refered to fertility specialist 

OH sperm is fine

my cycles are 31-33 always on time. 

But my period only lasts 2 Days if that. Never heavy 

had day28 bloods came back at 7.5 :( 

this cycle was 41 days I had all pg symptoms bfn obviously not pregnant.

had fsh & lh bloods taken yest

in for h.s.g Monday

transvaginal scan end of July then appointment with dr after.

I took unprescribed clomid from Nov16 to March 17 +opk's but never pregnant. Dr knows about this. 

Sod's law in 2012 I got pregnant on the pill sadly misscarried at 7weeks 

i feel dumbfounded as to why this is happening, scared that clomid didn't work and won't again. Why did I get pregnant in bc but now can't. 

I feel like I'm going crazy ! I don't drink, smoke, I eat healthy, excersise, good weight. 

Has anyone been in this position x


  • Hi Tinks,

    Sorry to hear what you're going through.... :-( Have they done a day 21 blood test for progesterone? Myself & OH also we're referred to fertility specialists last year after trying for 18months... did all the tests but the only thing which showed up low was progesterone levels which needs to be around 15-20 for a pregnancy to stick. 

    Ive actually fallen pregnant three times but the last two didn't go well- we had two missed miscarriages. But this time round we went to a private consultant and she prescribed me progesterone pessaries from week 3. 

    You can also use these pessaries if you're struggling to get pregnant as they help a pregnancy stick in the first few weeks. Could you ask the specialist to give it a go?

    I'm now 13 weeks :-) 

    Also- this time round I've only used Seven Seas Trying for a Baby and now Seven Seas Pregnancy Supplement- I think they've helped & would definitely recommend them. 

    I guess you've probably tried Agnus Castus? I also gave acupuncture a go which can help some people.... 

    Good luck :-) 

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