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3 positive test - 1 negative, lost and need help, please

imageOkay so i am lost. I started to feel funny, boobs getting bigger and hurting really bad, bloated, and nauseous, bad headaches constantly. So i took a FR test, positive, lovely, we rushed to the store and got the CB. those were positive, great. Went to the doctor today, and his test was negative and i started to bleed while i was there. I got blood work done, no answers yet, can i please get some opinions on whats happening. Im new to this, ive never ever gotten a positive test EVER. And now im just being tortured with this. What are some experiences people have had with this?? Ive heard 3 positive are slim to none. Also its harder to get a positive result on the digitals?

any info would be greatly apperciated!!!  


  • Okay.  When did you take those tests??  Docs app was yesterday, it is confusing. No wonder you are anxious now.

    What I think, is docs tests are sensitive,  should show same result are your HPT,  as they are a clear positive test results.            Now the confusing part would be,  if this was a; sadly; misscariage, your hcG levels would not drop that fast,  so at least the blood test should caught something.                                    And also,  if by some chance,  docs test was wrong...  But blood work confirms pregnancy(at a healthy level at your stage) then it's been accepted that one can bleed even up to 3 cycles,  despite the pregnancy.

    Let us know,  if you feel up to it...  What was the outcome... Take care!!! 

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