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Positive OPK CD 24

✨NEW MEMBER✨ I know it's a long one but please I'm so confused!!!

Do any of you ladies with PCOS who have used OPKs always have a faint line in the T bit? I'm not actually trying to conceive (but there is no section for general help) but needing to know when I ovulate for a medical trial for women with cysts and heavy periods (let's hope the research I'm a part of helps many of us!!🤞🏻) anyway I have been testing from day 10 as I was told and haven't had a strong positive be yet.. but I ALWAYS have had a very visible line about half the colour of the control (looks lighter now as they've dried obvs) but now it's CD 24 and still no positive BUT it seems to be gradually getting darker though I may be imagining things. I was having a very light bleed from CD13 up until CD21/22. I'm well aware these are all considered negative technically but my nurse said only one faint line result was likely and we may have to use that as my 'ovulation' but my lines have been constant. WHAT IS MY BODY DOING😭 I'm now terrified I'm infertile. This is the first 'cycle' I've done these with and I've bought a thermometer today to start BBT tomorrow to begin to get a baseline for next month. The first few sticks I actually rescued from my bin so unsure of the order but thought I'd better save just in case hahaha. The last one was done RIGHT NOW (5pm on CD 24). I had pangs in my ovary area last night (CD23) and have slippery CM today. Anyone with anything similar please help 😔image imageimage

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