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Laparoscopy experience July 2017

Hi everyone, 

I just had my laparoscopy done yesterday and thought to share my experience here. 

This was my first surgery experience and I was really nervous. It was booked for 2pm and I was taken to theatre about 2:40(i was told that I am second in a list). The very stressful part for me was that I was afraid of anesthesia, I have no idea why. But the medical staff, doctor and anesthetist, all were so good and kind to me that they quickly put me to sleepimage. I woke up in recovery room with oxygen mask on and the nurse asked me if I want some water. I was very sleepy, thirsty and that was about 4pm already

I was connected to some machines which were measuring my heart beat and the blood pressure. Then the doctor came and said that nothing they found, no endometriosis, nothing at all, and I started to cry. As I was sure that my painfull  intercourse, heavy and painful periods, and infertility is the reason of endo. 

But then I fall a sleep again as I was very tired after general anesthetic. As I was too weak they suggested to stay overnight and I was descharged next day in the morning. 

I was not in a much pain, or suffering a lot I should admit. And I didn't take any painkillers so far. I can feel these two incisions the did, but it's not that bad.

I am still very tired and weak as it's just second day after surgery, but overall I can't say that this was very painfull and scary surgery which you should worry about, take it easy. 

Having said that I should also mention that in my case the laparoscopy was more as a diagnostic as they haven't done anything else to me, besides my tubes were flashed with dye. 

Hope this will be useful for someone who is going to have the laparoscopy, and if you have any questions please let me know😊


  • Hi Katia.. thank you for sharing your detailed experience. 

    A friend of mine had it done a week ago and she was in so much pain after it. She was diagnosed with endometriosis :(

    Hope you recover soon...

  • Hi Magicunicor, 

    it probably because they have removed endo, that is why your friend was in pain , I guess so. I wish her to recover soon! 

    I was not in much pain, but stI'll there is a recovery period. 

    In four days after laparoscopy I started to work as there was no one to cover me.I do office job , so it's not an issue, but I would recommend to stay at home for a week. 

    I am still having really painful intercourse and I have no idea what's wrong. Doctor said there is no Endo so go and keep trying for another 3 month , and I will see you in Novembe.

    Now I am so worried why do I feel pain, or sometime it's just uncomfortable feeling. 

  • Hi katia

    Hmmm.. have you asked your doctor about the pain you are feeling now? It could be something else. I don't think you should be feeling any pain.. Try to check again, to make sure everything is ok and to avoid future issues.

    Yes, you are right. My friend had the endometriosis removed. She was told that this is the best time to be a mother -if she wants to. But she is just 24 years old and single.. still studying so she can't have a baby now. She is now concerned about her future chances of being a mother.. Doctor told her that endometriosis might affect her fertility later. Pain is gone.. but she will have some scars.

  • Hi Magicunicorn,

    The problem is that I only saw my doctor in 5 minutes when I woke up after anaesthetic. I was very sleepy and could not think of anything else,doctor was passing by, approached me and she told me"all good, there was no endometriosis " and I though at that moment why am I not getting pregnant ?!

    But this week I went to my GP , and told him my concerns , but all he was talking about is IVF. I really like my GP, but I believe they are not going further investigate my symptoms , I would need to go through private.

    with regards to your friends , hopefully she won't get endo back.

  • Hi Katia17.. How is your weekend going?

    Thank you for your wishes for my friend. I hope she won't suffer that ever again. Let's keep positive!

    About your doctor.. it is a bit outrageous.. He shouldn't underestimate your concerns..There MUST be a reason for your pain and he shouldn't tell you to start a treatment without shedding some light on it before.

    Even though you like your doctor.. I think you should have a check up with someone else. It is always good to have a second opinion. 

    IVF is a long, expensive and sometimes painful journey.. it is not something to take lightly.

    I'm worried about you right now.. your comment left me an unease feeling :S

  • Hi Magicunicorn,

     I am well, thanks.

    With regards to my doctor, i know what you mean, and i am not going to go for IVF as they suggest, BUT i should also mention that i have been through all the blood tests and ultrasounds to identify an issue with my fertility.

    So they believe now that they have done all they could, and there is nothing else they can do apart of IVF, and that is the reason they are advising me IVF.

    They did find antibodies in sement sample of my husband, and as he has children from 1st marriage we are not eligible for IVF from NHS.

    I am going to call to gynae tomorrow and ask if they can check why am i in pain.

  • Hi Katia17.. Sorry, somehow I miss your message. I haven't been online lately.

    Had some crazy busy weeks, DS with chicken pox and a lot of work.

    Sorry to know about your husband's antibodies in his sperm and your tests results :S

    At least now you know where you are standing and you can find a solution.

    Did you visited the doctor? What did he say?

    Wishing to know good news from you x

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