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Stomach cramps

Please can someone help me, I don't know if this is the right place to come really. Basically.. me and my partner had sex last Saturday and it was my most fertile time. For the last few days I've had cramps in my tummy which are a bit like period cramps but only on my left side. My urine has been really strong as well (Strong smelling) and I've got headaches as well. i havent got sore boobs or anything or sickness but I've gone off smoking and also certain foods. Could I be pregnant or is this all normal? I've done a few pregnancy tests before but they have been negative and I don't want to disappoint myself as we are trying for a baby at the moment. I would love some advice if anyone can help x


  • Hi lovely, I don't know if this will help, but I came off the pill on June 3rd to try and conceive and I had simialr pains to you, so much so I thought it was going to be a period. But I looked it up and spoke to a few people and was told it was ovulation pains so basically it was the egg releasing and it caused pain. I'd buy a few cheap poundland tests lovely. I did this and 2 weeks later (TODAY!!!) I got a positive xxxx

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