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POS and now on clomid please help

hi all i have pos and am now on my first treatments on clomid I have a scan next Tuesday whic will be day 13 but how do I know what to do have intercourse a  when will i ovulate? Thanks all 


  • My sister too has PCOS. She fell pregnant with DD the only time she did not use any 'protection'. In short, they we were not trying but extremely happy that it happened anyway. At that stage she didn't know that there was anything wrong with her and the pregnancy was healthy and uneventful. Now she has been trying for #2 for nearly 2 years with no much success. She has just started taking clomid. She had to take provera tablets for a week to bring on AF so she could start the clomid though. We are so hoping she has some luck with the clomid because for a long time now i have not seen her happy. Her gyno would not prescribe metformin as he said it hasn't been proven to work...I don't know what he is basing his opinions on because according to most threads I have read, different women say that it works just fine. If the clomid does not work then she is ready to try other options.

    Good luck :-)

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