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infertility? :(


I am new in the forum but I hope I can share and know experiences from all of you.

We have been trying to conceive for a couple of months now but there isn’t been any luck really. We are both healthy and I don’t really know what the problem may be. So I hope to listen to any advice you may have relating this. What should I try? We already try natural remedies and relaxation techniques but nothing :(


  • A couple of months is nothing Hun. The average for getting pregnant is a year. The key is to stay relaxed and not stress out as this can hinder TTC 

  • Hey sweety, I was able to conceive my first baby after trying for two years. Nothing was wrong with me or my OH. You need to stay calm relaxed. Taking too much stress can have a negative effect on your natural cycles. You need to take it lightly and enjoy every moment. You will surely get a good news soon. Keep us posted :)

  • Stress can affect your cycles. Did you go to the doctor? You can try with fertility drugs. They help a lot. Keep relaxed and take a break, then try again. If this doesn't work i recommend you go to a clinic. It took me a lot to get pregnant with my baby. I was in treatment with fertility drugs and other, but it didn't work for my condition. If you feel like you need help, then make an appointment in a good clinic. There's a lot of good treatments for infertility. Think positive! Don't give up. Enjoy every moment, you can have good news soon good news. Kisses and hugs! Wish you the best! Keep us posted.


  • Just stay relaxed and enjoy your time with your OH. I you panic much you are going to make your personal life miserable as well. If you still very much into this and you feel like you won't be able to keep your mind out of it, go visit a doctor. You will know if things are right or not and you will be relieved a lot.

  • yes I know that a couple of months isn't a big deal but I really feel that something is wrong. When we were TTC in the fourth month we tried relaxation techniques and I tried to slow down a little with work and everything, but 3 more months trying and nothings. I was thinking on seeing a doctor because I know that there must be something wrong, I also was thinking on seeing an infertility specialist but do I really have infertility?. I think I am going crazy... it's so hard not to think about it everytime, the first months we were trying I was like "ok, no big deal, sure next month will be the one" but then nothing and that really makes me feel insecure and unhappy and I feel that something isn't right. I will be going to the doctor and see what happens, maybe he can discover something or maybe I will end with more questions. I don't know I am just praying for the best

  • Depending on your age, your doctor won't investigate until it's been 2 years. After I came off birth control it was 15 months before I fell and now I am a year post miscarriage and still nothing. 

    The key is to relax and try at the right time. If after a year then go to the doctor and get on the radar. Your doctor might investigate after a year, but generally they won't until after 2 years. 

    There is such a small chance every month anyway, but it does only take one.... there is no remedy except to relax and keep trying Hun. 

  • I know insecurity is what kills from inside and it is really dominant. Positive thinking is going to be your only good friend. With all those thought you will make yourself miserable. Nothing around you will make you happy. *hugs* Try to find some recreational activities for yourself, may help. 

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