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Pcos natural remedies-missed periods

Hi,I've pcos and I keep missing my periods,hence the not getting pregnant,im still waiting for my appointment with the gyny,'apart' from weight loss which I'm trying to do,does any one know of any natural remedies to kick start my periods? It's the bloating and pain that's annoying too,because as soon as I get a period that goes away,any advise would be great thankyou x


  • In the pass I had problems with the regularity of my cycles. I particularly use 3 recipes that works for me. You could prepare an infusion of 2 tablespoon fennel root in 300ml of water. Bring to boil in a water bath for 20 minutes. This helps to soothe amenorrhea as well, but is less effective than the helenium root.

    I also suggest you take is wild carrot seeds. They help to induce uterine contractions and bring menstruation. Take 3-5 g of dried seeds before dinner.

    The last one I know (and my favorite) is the Helenium Root. When a person suffers from menstrual disorders or poor menstrual bleeding this is an excellent medicine; it’s really powerful. It’s very good because it also serves as an alternative remedy especially when you are contraindicated hormonal drugs. Place the root of helenium (1 tablespoon) in boiling water (200-300 ml), reduce the intensity of the fire and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then let it stand for 20-30 minutes. Drink 50 ml twice daily. Your menstruation should come that really first day.

    I hope it helped you!

  • If for example you want to advance its appearance. Take a hot bath. This works very well. Hot water induces blood flow to the reproductive organs. Another option is to make love passionately. There is the opinion that sex tones the uterus. In short, it can cause the onset of menstruation. These two ways work if your menstruation is to come but you want it to come faster. If you have hypertension these can be risky.

    If the cause psychological (stress), there are other softer options. There you can restore your menstrual cycle by taking herbal infusions. Take them for 1 or 2 weeks. This will also relax you a lot. Chamomile and marigold are the best options to restore your cycle.

    These methods aren’t exclusive :). You can also accompany them with consuming more vitamin C, parsley or turmeric. Maintaining a healthy weight also helps you a lot.

  • Tammie, you should see a doctor before taking any herbs etc. To check there aren't any contraindications to the meds.

    also, you'll be missing periods due to not ovulating. (Hence not getting pregnant) Once ovulation has occurred then a period will arrive 2 weeks later, have you spoken to your doctor about checking you're ovulating? 

  • there have been some studies done which show that the herbal remedy 'agnus castus' can help with PCOS symptoms / PMS / irregular bleeding etc

  • Well that's true... You maybe should check your luteal phases with a doc before. It could be safer

  • Agnus cactus is a great option too! I use it regularly, it controls the amount of hormone production in your body.

    Not only for PCOS. For the treatment of endometriosis, regulate the production of progesterone and prevent miscarriage is used too. Mostly on the first stages of both conditions. The herb most powerful effect is to reduce pain. Being that half of what is affecting you maybe you should try at first and see how it goes. The herb is super healthy, I would suggest to use it even if you're not experiencing pain anymore.

  • Becka w8... from what I've read angus castus should NOT be used to prevent a miscarriage. Please be extremel careful!!. Agnus castus should infact not even be used in the luteal phase (period between ovulation and period) & should only be used in the first half of your cycle (cd 1 up until day of ovulation) as this herb encourages the uterus to contract... which is good for toning & preparing to accept an egg but could potentially cause issues in stopping an egg from implanting or perhaps even causing a miscarriage if you are pregnant & then take it & start contracting.

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