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Staying pregnant and my tests

imageimageSo can someone help please had 2 early miscarriage in past 7 months now this month i had positive test after being 7 days late (first picture) then my "period came" lasting 4 days hardly no cramps then this (second pic) I'm gutted really thought this was it just can't stay pregnant would you say I have had yet another miscarriage x


  • Looks like a super early positive so it sounds like you weren't 7 days late as the test would have been stronger, you may have ovulated later than you thought and this is a chemical that's been detected and now passed with your period. Early tests mean that we are able to pick up on these things earlier when usually it would just pass with our periods without us knowing. 

  • My cervix was high for ages and took ovulation tests that was strongest day too super tired periods are always bang on time :( 

  • The strips don't always guarantee ovulation sadly :( cervix position is all relative too so I don't bother with that, can be Different for everyone. Mine was low and hard when I implanted. And got the bfp last year. only way to confirm ovulation is to temp.

    good luck Hun.... maybe see the doc and see if they will count it as a third miscarriage. They tend to investigate after 3 I have heard :( x

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