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Please help worried - who is the father of my baby?

Please don't judge, So my baby is nearly 5 months old, I just need to know about dates, I had sex with someone on the 5th June 2016, I then had a period on the 16/17 June 2016 through to the 22nd June 2016, I then got with my partner after this and he was the only person I have had sex with since, I had two negative pregnancy tests on the 8th July 2016 and the 10th July 2016, I missed my period in July and got a positive test on the 23rd July 2016, my due date was 20th march 2017 and she was induced and born on the 23rd march 2017, every single scan matches up to these dates, is there any way I could have been pregnant with the man on the 5th June? I cannot stop worrying about it


  • You had a period before getting with ur partner so u would of started a new cycle, new egg and therefore this baby would be his. Plus u did a pregnancy test which was negative so def his. Hope this helps :)  

  • Thanks for ur reply, all the dates add up, I also had a private scan and those dates a measurements add up as well! I just can't get the what if out my head x

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