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All my pregnancy tests are negative but im not so sure

So it's been a while since iv'e started getting some strange things happen. It started with the headaches, then the tenderness in the breasts. My periods had just righted themselves and now i haven't had one for about a month. I had intercourse the day my period finished. im getting dizziness, bloating, the sickness just wont go away to the point im running to the toilet every 30 minutes. I'm usually a big eater but today iv'e noticed that everything is tasteless and has made me feel very sick.I have taken a few tests and they all say negative, the last one i took was a clear blue week detector and it took ages whereas all the rest came upoo straight away. I have spoken to a few people who have had many pregnancies where they didn't know? WHAT DO I DO?


  • id either wait until you've missed your period and then do a pregnancy test or book in to see your gp and they can do a blood test to see if your pregnant. 

    Hope this helps 

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